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How to find Inspiration in Unlikely Places: An Antipodium Lesson

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Geoffrey J Finch, the creative director for the London-based label, Antipodium has a design sensibility that subverts the classics and imbues them with a fresh quirkiness. In an in-depth interview with Susie Lau of Style Bubble for Barney’s The Window, he discusses his design process.

For his spring collection, now in stores, Finch found inspiration in Woody Allen’s family drama Interiors, about an artistically-oriented family that is falling apart. The translation is easily seen in his inspiration boards (check it out below), as the most mundane household activities become loaded with meaning. For Antipodium, the thought process expresses itself in the clothes.  As Susie says, “That’s the kind of person who wears Antipodium—they’re interested in their clothes, but they’re also interested in a little story behind it.”

More recently, Finch presented his Fall 2012 collection at London Fashion Week, where he drew inspiration from an unlikely source- Vermin. But in this case, vermin does not mean creepy crawly maggots. Instead, the collection focuses on the “natural habitat of an outsider,” particularly through the lens of Finch’s favorite source of inspiration, his East London neighborhood.

Using a palette of “camel, tobacco, lilac and nude with sharp accents of verdant green and fish-counter blue”, sports inspired shapes, and a mix of fabrics from jersey to Mohair, this Fall 2012 collection embodies “clashes of class and culture, architecture and nature.” Continuing to collaborate with other artists, Finch commissioned two artists to produce exclusive prints for this fall collection, as he did with his Spring 2012 collaboration with printmaker Miriam Ivanoff.

Check out some  backstage looks from his Fall 2012 Collection below

All runway images via NYMag and check out the review on Vogue UK

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Robert Geller now at Barneys Co-op!

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Last week, our Men’s head of sales Drew (in the tanktop) took a trip with Team Robert Geller to Barneys in Midtown New York to check out the first shipment of Robert Geller Fall 2010 in the Co-op floor.  We’re all excited to see Robert finally at Barneys!  Not just in New York, the line is also making its way to Barneys Co-op in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and the soon-to-be-open Brooklyn location!